Born December 1985 in Seattle Washington and currently residing in Edmonds Washington. I can not be defined nor understood. Although, I do enjoy a glass of wine and a good science fiction book.


Inspiration and creativity bleeds from my mind, body and soul and allows me to live in this world amongst the commoners and normies. As the days go on my visions evolve and feed from one another into new configurations with different mediums and styles.

Currently in works are tangible mask pieces that can either be used as art displays or desired fetish play. Followed by this headwear will be dungeon-esque fetish pieces that will serve to the desired needs of the consumer.

The lifestyles dwindling between and around bondage/S&M/fetish practice fascinates me. The more I learn and explore within this the more my mind expands, unfolding into new realms and dimensions of artistry. It completes me and I admire its power. This is only the tip of the iceberg.


Hearts all around to the people in my life that support and follow me through this adventure.

Family, friends, acquaintances and those I have yet to meet but am destined to encounter…they all keep me going and flying high. There is nothing better than being surrounded by believers and creators alike.

We are all artists…To live is the most beautiful art. Sculpt it, form it, paint it.

Don’t Dream It, Be It
- Frankenfurter


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